Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Benjamin Visits the Bateau

Finally got back to France and the Shenandoah last week.  Of course, things were pretty much a mess after having left her for six months.  The decks and hull were covered in a reddish muck that was the result of a sirocco that blew in a few weeks ago off the deserts of north Africa.

It is great to be back with the Bourgogne Yacht & Grumpy Old Mens' Club - Captains Bruce, Jean-Luc, Adam, and Andy.  Arrrrghhh!

Spent a whole day just getting the crud hosed and brushed off so at least we could walk on the decks without picking up red mud and tracking it in.

Julie and Tayfun, my daughter and her husband who now live in Germany, drove down for the weekend from Landstuhl.  They brought their cat, Benjamin, who loved grandpa's boat.  He spent hours in the wheelhouse observing nature.

On Saturday we drove through Burgundy wine country to the medieval castle at Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, west of Dijon.  

We spent a quiet weekend catching up on events of the past few months. 

Tayfun who comes from Ismir, Turkey became a naturalized citizen of the United States two weeks ago.  Way to go, Tayfun!

On Sunday, Julie and Tayfun fixed one of my favorite meals – Mexican food.  The components are readily available for them at the military commissary at Ramstein AFB.  Enchiladas, guacamole, margaritas and all the fixin's!  She also brought a supply for the pantry.  Thanks Julie!

Now, its time to settle in to life in France again.  Although, I will be making a trip or two back to the States.  My son, Pete, and his wife, Sharon are expecting my first grandchild sometime around the end of July.  Need to get back for that glorious event.