Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blue Crabs

One might wonder what a barge Captain does with an adventuress woman in South Carolina when not plying the waterways of France. Well, many things!

Why, just the past two days, we have been stalking the vicious and ever-elusive blue crab of the tidal flats of the Beaufort River.

We went to the local meat market (that would be a real meat market/butcher shop, not a place to pick up chicks) and got some “cheecken” necks and other sundry “cheecken” parts to load into the two crab pots that every God-fearing, South Carolina resident is allowed to own.

Then we placed the two pots in the deepest part of Cowen Creek and laid in wait.

Checking the pots this afternoon, we had cornered 24 of the little buggers trapped in those pots just waitin’ for the steamer. We figure by tomorrow there will be enough of those things to make for some mighty fine eatin’.