Sunday, June 7, 2009

Uncle Tom, chief deck swabbie!

Well, the week started off with a bang. Both of us, exhausted from the plane ride and train ride and car ride to the boat, crashed the first night. Uncle Tom actually had the gall to say that the eleven hours he slept was unusual for him. Ya think?

We did some shopping the next day and watched the clouds coming in from the west bringing two days of rain. Tom, swabbie that he was, grabbed the hose, bucket and soap and proceeded to get started to begin to attack the exterior, while I did some much needed sprucing up indoors. The hose is connected to a deck wash pump in the boat. When Tom exclaimed that he could not get the hose to work, I suggested that he try turning the nozzle. Uncle Tom, God love him, is a little hose challenged. The nozzle flew off the end of the hose and into the middle of the canal. Tom had turned the quick disconnect, not the nozzle! Well, we fished the nozzel out and got started. I don't think he realized how big a job it is to clean this boat. It normally takes me two days to do it right and, like anything being washed, you start at the top and work your way down.

Finally, chipping away at the job day by day, Uncle Tom finished about nine at night on the third day!

In reality, with my untested back (which, by the way, became "tested" later on) Tom did a great service for me, never complaining, a real help.