Monday, June 4, 2007

Back in the USA, artfully

While Captain Dave is painting the decks and handrails on the Shenandoah, with, I am quite sure, great artistic flair; I enjoyed a different artistic experience in South Carolina. While his now includes his new fascination with the pirate world, and approbation by the Bourgogne Yacht and Grumpy Old Mens' Club members, mine is of the girlfriend get-together over coffee and muffins variety.

My friends, Susan on the left, and Diane on the right are both wonderful artists.

Susan Molada Madison is both an artist and author of a collection of essays and poems entitled “if i can’t sing the blues”. I love her visual art which is a combination of painting with fiber; her stories about hair, menopause, funerals, her family, and her friends; make me laugh, make me cry, and give me insight into the vision of an incredibly talented woman.

Diane Britton Dunham designed the cover of Susan’s book. I met Diane when I purchased one of her paintings – actually the one you will see first when you go to her website: It is Beach Blues and if you go into her gallery you will see that you can only buy the reproduction because I have the original!!

The image of the girl with red hair is a “painting in progress” by Benton Lutz. You can see his art at: Go to “work in progress” on the site and see the evolution of this yet to be completed painting.

I met Benton at a gallery opening of his artwork and the painting I loved most – was already sold. So I commissioned him to do this and two others for me. Communicating with him about this art is a joyful and lighthearted experience – he conveys such fun and humor.

Wherever we go, there is always art in our heart!