Friday, May 25, 2007

Decorating the Captain's Cabin

It’s finally finished! This is the quilt for the captain’s cabin – pieced together by M.E. and quilted by Sue Lambrecht. The front (top photo) was actually cut, pieced and sewn aboard the Shenandoah and then brought back to PA to be quilted. I designed the back (middle photo) with a large patchwork pattern so the quilt can be reversed and still have some interest and different colors on the other side.

The headboard above the bed is actually a removable panel that is attached to the bulkhead, and will be upholstered with quilted fabric.

The aft head (bottom photo) stencil design is enhanced with marigold accent paint below, and coordinates with the curtains in the captain’s cabin.

(The forward stateroom is decorated in English country garden fabrics; and the double stateroom is done in French provencal, complete with a small painting created by a painter aptly named Provencal.)